Portable Toilet Hire

Portable Toilet Hire in Melbourne

Looking for Reliable Portable Toilet Hire in Melbourne?

Hire4You offers high-quality portable toilets for hire at competitive rates. Our mobile toilets are durable and suitable for Australian weather conditions. They are also completely hygienic, ensuring comfort and convenience around your project site.

Why Choose Us for Portable Toilet Hire?

  • At Hire4You, we offer competitive rates that include standard monthly servicing.
  • The majority of our portable toilets are 'like new', fresh, clean, and well-maintained, ensuring optimal hygiene and comfort.
  • We have a dedicated team solely focused on washing, servicing, delivering, and repairing our fleet of toilets to provide the best possible service to our customers.
  • Our toilets are suitable for use on construction sites, as well as private events or corporate functions.

Your Trusted Partner for Portaloo Hire in Melbourne

Are you planning an outdoor event in Melbourne or are you managing a construction project? Our wide selection of portable toilets, including site toilets and event toilets, ensures we have the right equipment to meet your specific needs. Whether it's a concert, wedding or business event, our portable toilet rental service provides comfort, safety and cleanliness for your guests and staff. With competitive prices and first class customer service, Hire4You is your trusted partner for portaloo hire in Melbourne. Contact us today to discuss your needs and find the perfect portable toilet for your event or business.

Our Featured Portable Toilets for Hire

  1. Executive Portable Toilet
  2. PolyJohn PJN3

        Executive Portable Toilet

        The Executive portable toilet is our preferred model, with the majority of our fleet consisting of these units. Designed and manufactured in Australia, they are tailored to suit the practices of the Australian building and construction industry. Known for their robust design, these spacious units are favored by tradies for building sites.

        Key Features:
        • Spacious interior with anti-slip floor
        • Extensive waste holding capacity 390 litres or 650 uses
        • Large scale freshwater capacity 110 litre
        • Foot pump for easy operation
        • New Modern Look
        • Heavy-Duty Steel Skid Base
        • Freshwater Flushing
        • Height 2295mm
        • Width 1115mm
        • Depth 1175mm
        • Door opening: 600mm
        • Weight 127k

        PolyJohn PJN3

        The PolyJohn PJN3 is an essential component of our fleet due to its lightweight structure and maneuverability. These units are ideal for sites with low overhead power lines or difficult access, such as laneways.

        Key Features:
        • Can be installed without the help of a crane, perfect for limited access areas
        • Trouble-free foot-operated pumps for flushing and handwashing give ‘hands-free hygiene'
        • Modern and ergonomic design for maximum comfort
        • Roomy interior with anti-slip floor
        • Maximum ventilation for improved airflow
        • Freshwater flushing
        • Refer to scan with corrections
        PolyJohn PJN3

        Our highly experienced staff are always ready to help you select the right portable toilet for your project. So why not drop us a call and let our team assist you?

        Why Do You Need Portable Toilets?

        Portable toilets are essential for construction sites and large events across Melbourne. Here's why you need to install portable toilets:

        • Convenience: Portable toilets ensure convenience for workers and attendees, eliminating the need to leave the site or event.
        • Time-saving: Workers save time as they don't need to travel far for restroom breaks, increasing productivity.
        • Safety and sanitation: Portable toilets provide a safe and hygienic restroom solution.
        • Prevent foot traffic blockages: Having portable toilets on construction sites prevents workers from walking through other areas, reducing foot traffic blockages.

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