Portable Toilets

Portable Toilet Hire in Melbourne

We provide high-quality portable toilets for hire at an unbeatable price. All our mobile toilets are highly durable and suitable for Australian weather conditions. They are also completely hygienic, ensuring comfort around the project site.

Why Do You Need Portable Toilets?

Portable toilets are the ideal solution for any construction site or large event. Here are some reasons why you’d want to install portable toilets –

  • Portable toilets ensure convenience. Workers and attendees don’t need to leave the construction site or event to use the toilet.
  • As workers don’t need to travel very far, saving time and increasing productivity.
  • Portable toilets offer safety and sanitation.
  • Having portable toilets on construction sites can prevent the workers from walking through other areas of the business or event creating foot traffic blockages.

Our Featured Portable Toilets

  1. Executive Portable Toilet
  2. PolyJohn PJN3

1. Executive Portable Toilet

Our executive portable toilet is durable, lightweight, and affordable. Make our executive toilet an ideal addition to your portable toilet fleet.

Key Features:
  • Hinged bowl assembly with stainless steel flap
  • Easy to clean spacious interior
  • Manufactured in Australia by Australian company
  • Extensive waste holding capacity 390 litres or 650 uses
  • Large scale freshwater capacity 110 litre
  • Sewer Connect, Foot Pump and Rear Evacuation Point options
  • New Modern Look
  • UV Resistant Walls
  • Heavy Duty Steel Skid Base
  • Freshwater Flushing

Skid base: Galvanised Steel

  • Height 2295mm
  • Width 1115mm
  • Depth 1175mm
  • Door opening: 600mm
  • Weight 127k

2. PolyJohn PJN3

Empowered with lightweight material, user-friendly functionality, and modern designed PJN3 has set the standard for the sanitation industry. The unit is ideal for budget acquainted customers with high expectations of sanitation performance.

Key Features:
  • High UV resistance and excellent weatherproof materials offer extra-long life in the harshest of conditions
  • Expert interior design giving the user comfort and convenience
  • Heat treated aluminium door frame withstands impacts
  • Advanced waste tank design with a rounded sloping top and deep 
  • Sag-resistant door design and assembly with strong trouble-free door return springs
  • Can be installed without the help of crane so these would be handy where access is limited
    PolyJohn PJN3

    You can hire portable toilets from us for a minimum period of 3 months, and we provide regular monthly servicing. Our highly experienced staff are always ready to help you select the right product for your project. So why not drop us a call and let our team assist you?

    Why Would You Hire Portable Toilets from Us?

    • They are suitable for most construction sites, corporate events, concerts, and private functions.
    • They require less maintenance and can be taken away when they are no longer necessary.
    • All our toilets come with a fresh water flush unit.

    Prefer to purchase outright? No problem.

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