Construction Site Fencing

Construction Site Fencing in Melbourne

Need temporary fencing for your construction site in Melbourne?

Hire4You offers reliable construction site fencing hire at affordable prices. You can rely on our experienced installers to ensure that your construction site remains safe, secure, and compliant.

Our construction site fencing is installed using plastic-coated concrete blocks, and panels are securely connected with clamps. Additionally, we utilize star pickets for further anchoring of the fence, ensuring stability.

In areas prone to high winds, on sloping blocks, or in high pedestrian areas, we recommend the use of additional support stay brackets, especially if you're installing large format signage.

Affordable Construction Site Fencing Solutions in Melbourne

Construction Site Fencing is crucial for every worksite across Melbourne, whether large or small.

Our construction site fencing:

  • Protects your staff and visitors around the construction site
  • Safeguards your building site from unauthorised visitors
  • Ensures that your construction site follows industry safety requirements

Where Construction Site Fencing is Used

Construction site fencing can be used for different purposes based on your needs, including:

  • Security and building site fencing
  • Pool safety
  • Event fencing
  • Pet enclosures
  • Crowd control barriers

    All our construction site fencing products are suitable for -

    • Large infrastructure, private properties, and residential construction sites
    • Civil, industrial, and commercial construction sites
    • Events, gatherings, sports, or concerts requiring fencing or barriers

    In addition to our construction site fence hire service, we also offer fencing panel sales. If you're interested in purchasing fencing panels, please visit our sales page.

    Support Stays

    When extra stability & reinforcement is required for your temporary fencing, we recommend the use of additional support stay brackets. Some of the reasons why extra support would be required:

    • High wind area
    • Sloping land
    • Large format signage is being installed
    • Busy pedestrian areas
    • Events
      Support Stays

      Shade Cloth

      Shade cloth can also be supplied and installed on your fence in a variety of transparencies to cater for your requirements. This can provide privacy, added protection from dust & makes a temporary fence look great.

      Shade Cloth

      Silt Barriers

      Fences can be supplied with the addition of a silt barrier along the bottom to prevent dirt and mud, wind-blown rubbish, and storm water run-off from flowing onto footpaths, gutters, and roads. This is a mandatory requirement of some councils.

      Silt Barriers

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