About Us

Founded in 2014, Hire4You is a family-owned business that has fast established itself as one of the leading providers of temporary fencing hire in Australia. Our directors have more than 20 years’ experience in the construction industry providing much knowledge to best serve the construction industry.

Offering a wide range of top-quality products for hire, we pride ourselves with competitive prices and a friendly team that can advise you on your needs.

We aim to distinguish our business from our competitors by delivering our services with a personal touch, high attention to detail & great customer service.

We are proud to work with various types of clients: owner-builders, construction companies, event managers, and anyone that just needs some products for a backyard project, fencing in dogs or other animals etc

We provide the same high quality of service to anyone and everyone, no matter the size of the project, big or small. We understand that each job is unique, and Hire4You aims to cater to all individual needs.

We currently operate as a single branch based in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne, but we're aiming to expand with a second branch set to operate which is just around the corner. We're very excited to work with you on your next project and the team at Hire4You is looking forward to hearing from you!

Here is a list of the services and products that we offer at Hire4You:

Leading Providers of Temporary Fencing

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100 Freight Drive, Somerton 3062 Australia